'N Sync Approves Lip Balm

Ever dream about one of the boys of 'N Sync pressed against your mouth? Well, pucker up, because now is your chance. Sort of.

Prepare to say "Bye Bye Bye" to chapped lips forever. Famous Fixins, a producer of celebrity-licensed promotional products, including Britney Spears bubble gum, announced Wednesday that it had inked a deal with the top-selling boy band to launch a new line of flavored 'N Sync lip balms (But not, alas, 'N Sync-flavored lip balms).

The various balms will be sold separately and as a five-pack. Each 'N Sync member will have their own flavor: Green Apple (Joey Fatone), Blue Raspberry (Lance Bass), Watermelon (J.C. Chasez ), and Strawberry (Chris Kirkpatrick). Justin Timberlake? He's Vanilla.

'N Sync lip balm will be available via supermarkets, drug stores, and select retailers. Look for it on shelves mid-summer.