New Products: Mini music clips, Got Milk? stuff and more

By Maureen Bavdek

NEW YORK, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Want to carry your favourite Britney Spears or boy band music discreetly in your pocket or small bag?

McDonald's and Tiger Electronics have teamed up to make that possible with the introduction of Tiger HitClips, a tiny music system that plays single music samples from a micro-sized clip about the size of a postage stamp, via an earplug.

Beginning Aug. 11, McDonald's customers will be able to buy a HitClips Micro Music Player for about $4.99 each (with the purchase of any regularly priced menu item), that will come with either a Britney Spears ``Stronger'' or *NSYNC ``It's Gonna Be Me'' Tiger Micro Music Clip.

Each Music Player plays one Music Clip at a time and is small enough to be attached to clothing or backpacks. The song is an edited version of the artist's hit single and batteries are included.

The HitClips Players come in red, blue and silver and participating U.S. McDonald's restaurants will offer them until they run out -- which is expected to be fairly quickly as teens and preteens rush out to collect them. Later this month, Tiger, part of Hasbro Inc., will make more artists available on the Music Clips that will be sold at major retailers nationwide.

Other items from Tiger that will be able to play the tiny musical clip include a HitClips Rockin' Micro Boombox ($9.99) that is about the size of a trading card, and a HitClips Alarm Clock ($15), that holds five micro clips and can be programmed to play a favourite when the alarm goes off.

Just hit the snooze button to hear it again five minutes later. And again ... and again.