*Nsync on the web

The five boys of *Nsync are coming to a computer near you.   MediaX Corporation, an Internet design company, is bringing 3D versions of the pop group to PC desktops.   The interactive characters can take users on tours of their official website or other sites.   "Due in part to the recent availability of desktop interactive intelligence and our own development team's efforts, an end user can now interact with a real-time, 3D animated character to take a designed tour of websites," said Matthew MacLaurin, CTO of MediaX. "In addition, the digital, lifelike personalities can talk, sing, dance and more."   The first interactive *Nsync character to be launched is Chris. The company plans to add versions of each group member one at a time.   "These characters can speak, via a text-to-speech engine or pre-recorded audio, and eventually will even accept spoken voice commands and entertain you in a new and unusual way," said Nancy Poertner, president of MediaX.   For more information on interactive *Nsync-ers or MediaX, you can email: publicity@mediax.com.