*NSYNC Now Rules the Internet!

Ooops! *NSYNC topples Britney Spears as No.1 Entertainment Search Term on Mamma.com

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--July 28, 2000--Mamma.com, a leading Meta Search Engine, today announced the results of a recent study showing the top 100 search terms used by visitors to their site.

According to the study, which analyzed keyword searches from January to July 2000, *NSYNC, with 98,000 searches (data compiled for July 2000), was clearly the favorite keyword among Mamma.com users. *NSYNC was searched approximately twice as much as second-place contender, teen idol, Britney Spears. Other popular celebrities who made the Top 10 include Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and tennis star, Anna Kournikova. While not quite cracking the top, Pokemon, Ricky Martin, and Eminem also commanded respectable search numbers.

``We constantly monitor key word searches to gauge the interests of our users,'' commented Simone McKenzie, Manager of Product Excellence at Mamma.com. ``For nearly six months, Britney Spears was searched with greater frequency than *NSYNC.'' Continued McKenzie, ``We were surprised to find that after being the number one key word search in June, Britney Spears was dethroned from that position by *NSYNC.''

                          Mamma.com's Top 10

                      Entertainment Search Terms


          Searches             Key Word


         97722                *NSYNC

         43330                Britney Spears

         35032                Back Street Boys

          27760                Christina Aguilera

         17339                Madonna

        14982                Shania Twain

        14139                Anna Kournikova

       11471                Pamela Anderson

        4488                 Dr. Dre

            4140                 Jennifer Lopez

Data compiled by Mamma.com for July 2000