Three Teens Trek 160 Miles to See 'N Sync

Three Michigan teenagers walked 160 miles to check out today's 'N Sync concert in Pontiac, Mich. But don't worry, they did it for a good cause. No, not just to cheer on Justin, J.C., and the boys they're hardly charity cases yet. The trio used its eight-day trek to raise funds for a local children's hospital and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Hey, if you spent eight days trudging alongside a highway, you'd be worried about drunks behind the wheel, too.

Sarah Hayes, 16; Jamie Johnson, 15; and Stephanie Flick, 14, came up with the idea while they were waiting in line to buy copies of 'N Sync's No Strings Attached, according to a story in the Detroit Free Press. In the course of pledging their allegiance to the chart-topping boy band, the Portage, Mich., residents swore to see the show in Pontiac by any means necessary, even if they had to walk all the way.

Taking a tip from 'N Sync's charity endeavors, the threesome opted to turn the adventure into a fundraiser, and, in the weeks leading up to the hike, drummed up over $2,000 earmarked for the Children's Hospital at Bronson and M.A.D.D. via bake sales, car washes, and pledge sponsors. Now that they've completed their journey, they estimate they'll collect another $4,000 in proceeds.

The girls set out July 8, with Johnson's father accompanying them by car. They hiked 25 miles each day for the first three days, 14 miles per day for the next two, and picked up the pace to 18 miles per day for the final three. The Hampton Inn hotel chain provided free accommodations along the way.

"I don't know if we'd do it again," Hayes told the Free Press. "We'd need at least a year to recuperate."

Rumors that the boys from 'N Sync were seen in a Pontiac drug store purchasing Epsom salts, practicing an a capella arrangement of New Kids on the Block's 1990 hit "Step by Step" as they exited, were unconfirmed at press time.