What Others Say About *NSYNC

When asked if he knew the difference between the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync and if he would work boy bands into his humor, Marlon Wayans responded in this week's brand new issue of TV Guide.. "I know 'N Sync because I met them. And they're all cool guys. But before that I just [saw] five white guys dancing offbeat.. We don't want to offend anybody. 'Cuz we want to go to the party. We don't want to hear on the news, 'Marlon Wayans get his butt kicked by 'N Sync.' "

In a recent interview, Art Garfunkel, one of the greatest voices of his generation, said, "When you're talking about 'N Sync, I think you're talking about singers who are quite good. I think 'N Sync will have a future that goes beyond kids music.

Wanya had a chat at www.twec.com on 7/26/00 and a fan asked how he felt about *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees idolizing them and if it was getting annoying. I read this from a Boyz II Men fan page [http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/2302/NEWZ.htm ] and the webmistress attended the chat and this is what she had to say: "His answer really did surprise me. He said that he likes *NSYNC and thinks they have attitude and they can really perform well...that made me so happy! Then he said that he thinks only two guys in 98 Degrees can really sing, but they are his label mates. Then he said he thinks the Backstreet Boys are ok, but doesn't like them much. They sound ok on the radio, but not live. He also said he thinks Christina Aguilera can really sing, but Britney Spears can't. He thinks that real talent in the music industry is gone now. Wanya definitely speaks the truth!"

From www.nsyncgalaxy.com: "This morning on the radio they re-aired a phone convo between a DJ and Steve Hariwell of Smash Mouth. The singer strongly admitted that he is a fan of 'N Sync also noting that they definitely don't lip synch and that he does NOT consider them a "boy band"....He also admitted that he was one of the many fans who tuned into the HBO Concert.

AARON CARTER: "I'm not even a fan of Backstreet Boys...i'm sorry. I'm sorry Nick, Brian and the other guys. Actually you know what. If I said this it would be really upsetting but I'm a fan of 'Nsync. I like 'Nsync. You know.. I just like their music a lot more..It's just funner to listen to. The only Backstreet music I like.. Their music now has achieved more older audience so it's like the younger kids are just like wow.. and it's like 'Mom you can listen to this, I'm going to go listen to 'Nsync' "
What did u think about the NSA record?

Danay(from Innosense): Well, I cried when I heard that they succeeded so well in breaking the mark that they were after. And I bought 5 CDS to try to help. We're really excited that we do have a connection to nsync. im actually very proud to say that with them, the fact that they were so significant in the beginnings of our group with their music and exmaples

Blink 182 was today's guest on TRL and had some surprising things to say about *NSYNC. Right before *NSYNC's latest, "It's Gonna Be Me", aired, Ray asked Travis "what do you think about NSYNC?" Travis replied with "actually I like them. We've had the chance to meet with them several times and they are really cool guys, and they are like the one boyband or whatever who are really cool and they are talented." After the video played Carson could only respond with "Travis givin props to *NSYNC..."

GLORIA ESTEFAN: 'N Sync get a bum rap. People think that they're not real, but they're totally real, and they work like animals. They do their own arrangements and choreography. They're young, but they've grown up in an amazingly complex world, so it's no surprise they're so mature.

CHRISTINA A. tells to New Musical Express(uk mag) this about JC:
"When I hang out with him now I see a great guy and a good friend, but back then I could barely speak around him." When asked about how she feels about him now: "Well he's wonderful, very cute, but I am sure you know that (she started to blush), I was dating someone on and off again, but now my career is my boyfriend. For the girl who does snag him, I will have to make sure she is good enough for him (she started laughing) He is one in a million."

MTV: Not a lot of people can say they worked with the late, great Big Pun. And you got to work with'NSYNC on "I Believe In You." That's a combo, huh?
Joe: Yes, it definitely is. They are such a great group to work with.
MTV: Everybody says that about them. What makes 'NSYNC special? I mean, you're quite a singer. Are those guys serious vocalists, as near as you can tell?
Joe: They're definitely a good group. Justin and J.C., I like to say they've got, like, a black voice. They sing like black guys and everything. It was a lot of fun to work with them.
MTV: It's like they're in the church, kind of. And Justin has that background.
Joe: It's almost like that, definitely. I mean, when they came in they were just so excited to work with me, and it was like, "Wow, this is 'NSYNC. I'm Joe. This is 'NSYNC." And they came in and delivered incredible vocals. And they had to do, I think, the "Today" show the next morning. They got out of the studio at five, and they had to do the "Today" show at six in the morning, so they were really excited about doing [the song]. That was real cool.

This is from a chat on 4/16 with Aaron Carter.
[ACJen88] I love you SOOO Much Aaron!! Besides the BSB what is your favorite music group? Luv ya!
[airboyac87] (aka Aaron) *NSYNC

I got this from the *N The Mix board!
Hey there Nsync fans! Do I have a story for you! I was listening to my local radio hip hop and r&b station (92.3 the beat) and Timbaland was on. He was talking about how he has a lot of groups coming out, like an alternative group, and even a pop singer like britney spears. He said that he was supposed to work with Nsync on "no strings attached" but he missed the dead line! He also said that "nsync went to like a whole new level, they really shocked me, their album is dope"

'I know them really well because their manager used to manage me,' she says. 'They're just regular, down-to-earth guys. You'd never know they've sold 10 million albums!'"
Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez

This morning Kid Rock was on a local radio station in Detroit and somehow the "boy bands" came up. Kid made some comment about how he hangs out with the NSYNC boys sometimes b/c "those guys like to party and get wild. They're always chasing girls and stuff". The DJ was like "can you name names" and Kid was like "If you tell me their names, then I'll tell you". This is the good part...The DJ was like, "Did you say in NSYNC or Backstreet" and Kid was like "Both, but the NSYNC guys are much cooler." He went on to name Joey ("the big one") and Chris ("the one with the thing on top of his head") as the partiers and said that Justin went to a show once. He also said "I'm like, you guys are cool so we can hang out, just don't start singing in front of me or nothing"

"I think they realize that with a lot of teen pop groups there is no longevity, but if they keep evolving they have a greater chance of being there for the long haul. The sophomore album is particularly important for any kind of teen-sensation group. It's the album where they have to prove they're not a one-hit wonder." Michael Paoletta, an editor and writer at the music-industry bible Billboard

"JC was the cool older guy, and Justin wanted to be just like him, he was very goofy back then - now he's the serious one. One time he ticked me off so much. I went into the dance trailer and was being a childish eleven-year-old and he turned to me and said `Go play with your Barbie dolls.' I was so mad. We all arrived there as dorks, but we all grew up." Christina Aguilera

"This group has a work ethic like I've never seen, Usually at their level, they start saying `You're working me to death. I need more time to spend my money, more time to spend with my girl.' It's not like that with them. And as long as they want to work, I'm with them." Johnny Wright

"All of the new groups aren't doing anything different than we were, But N Sync is my favorite. I look in their eyes and I see that they're at the point where they've got the world by the balls and they're having a good time. It's all about hanging onto that and seeing if you can. I actually think they can transcend the whole boy-band thing." Joe McIntyre

"*stunned voice* Alright, I gotta admit it. Man these dudes are producing cuts on here. During the first song I was skeptical, playing the whole N Sync album, but it's pretty banging! So far my fave song was number 3 Space Cowboy w/ Left Eye. *pause* I'm shocked man...it's pretty good. Whoa!" THEN, after "Bringin Da Noise", he gives this kind of surprised laugh and goes "I'm liking N Sync man...they're not no punks. I'm impressed". Finally, after playing "I'll Be Good For You", he and the other tech in the room with him were like "ahh I like that one!! Oh My God!! I'm liking this whole CD, to keep it perfectly legitamely honest . I'm gonna play back my fave song, track # 3 "Space Cowboy"...yeah I know it's *N Sync but it's BANGING! We liked it, it's good stuff" - Eddie 19 year old DJ for Kube 93 in Seattle (An urban station who mostly plays R&B)

"I was kind of sweating meeting my fave guy in N Sync, JC Chasez - I love him, He listened to my music and he liked it and he was just a sweet guy." Mandy Moore

Danay: "I'll tell ya a little secret when we first got together, way back when we were in Memphis, we would put on their (N Sync) music on the way to rehearsal.."
Nikki: "I can't believe she's telling you this!"
All of Innosense laugh
Danay: "and we would listen to N Sync t oget pumped up. I mean, seriously that's how it would be. They have been our inspiration since the beginning."

"They are very, very sweet guys. We had a blast laughing and talking. They were so appreciative of everything that everyone did for them. They shook everyone's hands and thanked everybody. I really got attached to them." Twinkie (casting director of IDMC video)

"I think those guys are talented--I have nothing against them," Fred said of 'N Sync at the IAM.com party at Quixote Studios, adding, "I actually think they're better than Backstreet." Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit

Thanks to the Always *N Sync board for this info!
Sisqo RULES! He was at our NYC radio stations tonight, Z100 & 103.5KTU..I was listening to him on KTU, and *NSYNC came up when "It's Gonna Be Me" was #3 , and he's like "I LOVE this song!" and then the DJ was like "What do u think of these guys?" and he's like "These are my boys. I have a lot of respect for them..because you know why? They got people who would never listen to their music or never listen to a group like *NSYNC and got them to listen and like the music and THAT's why I respect them."
ALSO... Sisqo was on KTU on NY today- here's a quote from him. "I'm on tour with 'Supergroup'- oh I mean *NSYNC"
It is from the Oct 2000 YM Issue. They had an interview with 98 Degrees. This is an exerpt from the article. The quote is from Drew Lachey. He shakes his head in wonder at 'N Sync's sales record of 2.5 million in their album's first week alone. "That's a great run for the entire album. I don't think their record will ever be broken."

Boyz II Men on Boy Bands from Vibe Magazine
We enjoy Nsync, they're very talented and can sing live very well. They are true entertainers and performers. But the other groups are "dookie". BSB are ok on their records, but not good live. Only 2 guys from 98 degrees can really sing, but they're our label mates, so we gotta be kind."