7/27/01: a new fan fic was added

7/10/01: "Celebrity" lyrics added

7/13/01: I added group pictures and more magazine pictures.

7/2/01: I updated the layout, and will be putting more stuff up.

6/11/01: I added a Humor section and a Time Line. The Appearances are updated. 1997 the golden year added. New pictures added. Pranks Phone Calls added

5/29/01: More Pictures were added. Tour dates of past years added.

5/28/01: The layout was changed and some pictures were added. Appearances were updated and tour dates were updated

4/15/01: Pictures of Lance's black hair was added to the New Stuff part. The Appearances have been updated.

3/31/02: Layout was changed. Midis were added a few weeks ago. Tour dates were added fully. Appearances for April have been added.

3/11/01: A parodies page has been added. A lists page has been added. There is now a chatroom.

3/8/01: I moved my site from stas.net back to my tripod address. Stas is really annoying and some times doesn't work. This way no one will have trouble seeing my site.