If She'd Only Known-

Written by Jo

They say the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting next to them, knowing you can't have them. They say the worst kind of pain is to love someone, and not have that love returned. You're forced to keep your feelings inside. They begin to eat at you, and slowly start to consume you. The only refuge you have is in your dreams. Dreams so vivid you wake up still feeling that person's presence, and the "I love you" you've waited to hear for so long still echoes in your ears. Then you look around and notice that you're the only one there. Your spirit is once again crushed, as tears threaten to spill from your eyes, and you wonder what the point of getting up and facing life is. You count the hours until you can have peace again, when you can dream. You wait impatiently as the minutes slowly tick by, keeping you from your one true love. You want nothing more than to feel that person near you, to hold them, and have all the sorrow you've felt for so long finally lifted. Everything inside of you is screaming at you to tell someone, to finally be able to lift some of the burden, but you keep quiet, silently suffering in your own personal hell. Everyone is too concerned with themselves, too caught up in their own problems, to notice the agony you're in. But it doesn't matter, if anyone did ask what was wrong, you would just put on one of the many masks you've become so good at wearing and say that there's nothing wrong, and the concerned individual would go on their way, thinking nothing of the encounter. You go on with your life, keeping your feelings bottled up inside until one day the pain becomes too much to bear and you can't take it anymore and you finally snap.