+Chapter One+

"Come on, let's go," the prison guard, at that time, stated, "time to do some community work."

Justin walked silently onto the prison bus. He took his normal seat near the front of the bus, with his head hanging down. He started picking his nails in partial nervousness when another prison mate sat by him.

"Hey pretty boy," the prison mate spoke to him. Justin felt the bus start moving.

"Hi," Justin replied nervously picking his nails.

"Yea, what'd you do that you ended up in prison?" another prison mate, sitting behind Justin, as he smacked him in the head. Justin lifted his hand to his head trying to ease the pain.

"Hey Joe, leave pretty boy alone. Can't you see that you make him nervous," they both laughed.

"Aw, Mike, can't you see I'm just messing with pretty boy here?" Joe stated.

Justin was relieved when one of the guards stood up, "Look here, today we're going to clean the park. I don't want any of you to think this is a free ride. You will all pick up an even amount of garbage. We've assigned you in groups. You'll be going with your group to your assigned area in the park to clean up."

As the bus stopped, everyone was handed a trash bag and gloves. They all stepped off the bus and got into their groups. They waited at the side of the bus for further instructions.

"We will meet back here at twelve hundred hours for lunch," with that the groups split up for the designated areas. There were about three other people in the group with Justin. They all looked fairly around 20 and didn't seem too bad to get along with. There were also five guards, one for each person and an extra just incase. They ended up in a spot by the lake.

Justin started to clean up when someone familiar walked by.

"Lance!" he shouted out and started to walk towards the person.

Lance turned and saw a prisoner coming towards him. Turning away he made a mad dash away from this guy coming, as Justin started running after him. The guards saw him running away and two started chasing him.

"Lance!" Justin shouted as he caught up to him. Lance turned around in horror at the unfamiliar person in front of him.

Justin placed his hands on Lance's tense shoulders, "Lance, you've got to help me. I didn't do anything wrong," Justin said in seriousness.

The prison guards caught up to them and grabbed Justin, dragging him away, "Lance! You've got to believe me! I'm innocent!" Justin screamed out while trying to get loose from the two guard's grip.

Lance just stood in horror as he thought to himself, "Who is this person and how does he know my name?"

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