+Chapter Two+

JC took a soda out of the fridge and opened it. He proceeded to the kitchen table and flopped down in a chair. He picked at the device permanently entrapped around his wrist, keeping him inside the house. Looking up outside the sliding glass doors, he got disgusted by the weather. No clouds were in the sky. He looked down at the still water in the pool, wishing to be in it.

Seeing the water made him long for his friends. He wanted to spend days in the pool and barbequing, just how they used to when on break, before all this. Now he wasn't even allowed within 200 feet of his four best friends. The guys he knew for many years.

JC sighed and walked to the living room that had no TV. He wasn't allowed a radio, computer, phone, or television. His days were passed by playing solitaire, writing, drawing, or singing.

He sat on the couch and picked up his pen. He started to write in his notebook, but his eyes wandered up to the picture of him and his smiling friends.

He put down what he was writing and stood up from the couch, walking to the picture. He picked up the picture and sighed as he studied the faces of his friends, or who used to be his friends.

JC placed the picture down. "Damnit," he said lowly to himself, "how did this ever happen? I didn't do anything, I don't deserve this," he looked at the picture of his friends, as his eyes wandered to the three on the left, "guys, you have to remember. Don't give up, please remember, for me and Justin. You're our only hope," JC spoke to them in the picture, hoping somehow they would hear it in real life. JC walked back to the couch and slumped down in it.

Joey jumped up from the couch as Lance walked in the door.

"Hey, your doctor called," Joey said walking to him, "you have an appointment tomorrow at three."

"Great," Lance said sarcastically as he wrote down he had an appointment, "there's no use in going."

"Yes there is," Joey said, "Chris and I go through it."

"Yea, but you don't have amnesia," Lance started getting frustrated, "you only can't remember what happened."

"Well, you need to get your memory back somehow."

"I'm never going to get my memory back Joey," Lance sat down on the chair and put his head in his hands, "let's just realize that I'm never going to get my past back."

Joey watched in sympathy as Lance got up and went to his room.

Chris hobbled in on his cane and sat down on the couch, "you'll never know what it's like Joey."

Joey walked over and sat down on the couch next to his friend, "why won't I?"

"Because you only came out without knowing what happened and a broken arm," Chris stated, "while Lance has amnesia and I lost my leg and donít know what happened."

Joey looked out the window, "I guess I never will."

Justin stumbled onto the bus as the guard pushed him.

"What were you trying to do out there?" Justin tried to reply, but before he could the guard spoke again, "that is unacceptable behavior. You are to stay on the bus till further notice."

With that the guard walked off the bus. Justin heard the door lock. Looking out the window with bars, he saw the guard walk off.

Sitting down in one of the bus seats, he put his head in his hands as tears started to forming in his eyes.

"I did nothing. That girl lied. She blamed me, and I'm innocent. Why can't anyone see that? "Justin chocked out, "Lance, Joey, Chris. You guys have to remember. Set me and JC free. Help us."

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