+Chapter Twelve+

“Has the jury found a verdict?” the judge asked.

Everyone watched as a female at the end, in the front row stood up, “the jury found it to be inconclusive.”

‘I thought we had this one,” Lance looked over at his lawyer.

“Court is adjourned until next week,” with that, the judge got up and left.

“I don’t want to go back,” Justin struggled as the two cops drug him out of the courtroom, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

JC walked out with his head hanging down. He didn’t struggle or look up. Lance watched as the door closed behind JC. Separating his friends from him, yet again.

“Dude, what went wrong?” Lance heard Joey ask.

“I bet she slept with one of them,” Chris nodded.

“Chris,” Lance said shocked.

“What?” Chris looked confused, “there’s no other way to explain it.”

“Just because she’s like a whore…” Joey said. They all laughed and glared at Danielle as she walked by.

“What?” Danielle looked at the three of them, “you’re just jealous because you know you won’t win.”

They all looked at each other and started to crack up. She just got mad and left.

“We won’t win if she keeps up what she’s doing,” Chris barely got the words out.

JC sat in the living room throwing a little bouncy ball at the door, “what’s wrong? We should have gotten free,” he thought to himself, “if only there was some way to prove her being guilty.”

He threw the call at the door, but it bounced off at an angle. JC got up and walked over to where the ball went. He bent down to pick it up, but something shiny in the vent caught his eye. He carefully lifted the vent cover off and placed it beside where he was sitting. He lifted the object out.

He felt the throbbing pain in his wrist come back for a second as he pulled the switchblade out of the vent. Looking at it made him have a flashback of what happened.

“She wasn’t wearing gloves,” JC said lowly as he smiled.

“What happened Timberlake? Is your friend a liar? Is he gonna be thrown in jail too?” a guy, named Andy, said. Justin didn’t like him at all.

“No, he’s not a liar. You shouldn’t be talking anyway, you’re locked away in here too,” Justin knew that was the wrong thing to say.

“What did you say to me?” Andy advanced toward Justin as he backed up.

“Just exactly what you heard,” Justin coldly said to him.

“I don’t think you should have said that,” And darted after Justin, but Justin ran away.

“Fight!” someone shouted out.

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