+Chapter Three+

“Visitor!” Justin heard one of the guards yell. He looked up to see the one person he hated the most walking down the aisle between the cells. She stopped in front of Justin’s cell.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my bait,” Justin tried to block out her talking, “how are you doing rotting away in jail?”

“Get away from me,” Justin said coldly, glaring at her.

“oh, aren’t we a little cold? I’m sorry Mr. Timberlake, but I’m not the one in a prison cell.”

“I hate you,” Justin walked up to the bars of his cell.

Danielle firmly looked Justin in the eyes, “don’t we all hate someone at some point in our lives?” She turned and started walking away.

Justin got angry and started to yell, “I hate you. You did this. You separated me from my friends.”

Danielle turned around and looked at Justin, “Oh, just to tell you. You better hope your little friend Lance doesn’t regain his memory back. If he does who knows what kind of freak accident may happen.” She turned and walked out the door.

“You better not touch him, you hear me. Don’t touch him!” Justin shouted, but knew it was no use.

He sighed angrily and sat down on his bed, bringing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around his legs.

“Be careful Lance,” Justin whispered, “don’t be a fool and shout it out if you remember”

“Who’s that?” Lance asked pointing at a picture of JC. Joey, Lance, and Chris were going through a roll of photos the found. Lance, obviously, not knowing anything about them.

“That’s JC, one of our friends,” Joey explained.

“Oh! Is he still our friend?” Lance questioned

“I don’t know” Joey said unsure.

The next picture he saw himself and the prisoner that ran up to him, with their arms around each other’s shoulders, smiling.

“Who’s that?” Lance questioned, looking at Joey concerned.

“That’s Justin, he’s another one of our best friends,” Joey explained another picture to him like he was a little kid.

“No he’s not.”

Chris and Joey looked at him questionably.

“He’s in jail. I saw him,” Lance didn’t know how to explain he was friends with a prisoner, “they were in the park cleaning up and he was there.” He left out the part about Justin running up to him.

Chris and Joey looked at each other wondering if they should tell him why he’s in jail. Lance didn’t know why because he never went to the court trial.

“Well, see, he is in jail,” Chris started to say as Lance looked at him in surprise.

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