+Chapter Three+

   I was in my hotel room. It was big and I mean that. They gave me a room that had two bedrooms, a living room area, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. I was loving it, but I was wondering why they would give me such a big room. I stopped dwelling on that and decided to go unpack my stuff.
   I drug all my suitcases to the bedroom I was going to use. I decided on the one that had the bathroom in it. I put all my clothes in the draws, my stuff for the bathroom in there. Lastly I took out my little boombox and set that on a table in the living room. I knew that's where I would spend most of my time when I was in the hotel room.
   I hopped in the shower really quick. I decided to since I was going all day long. I used the bathroom in the hallway part, not expecting anyone to come in the room. I got done with my shower and got dressed. I'm one of those people that gets dressed in the bathroom.
   Walking out I turned torwards the bedroom when I heard someone say, "I'm sorry."
   Looking over I saw Lance turned around and I started to ugh, "I'm dressed you know. How'd you get in here?"
   He looked over at me and laughed, "Oh, I thought you weren't, that's why I turned around. Um, I got a key from John. He said to knock, but if no one answers to just open the door. Well, I knocked for a while, than I came in."
   Getting kind of confused as to why he would tell Lance to do that, "Why'd he tell you to do that?"
   "It's just in case you were sleeping, this way I could wake you up."
   I understood and nodded my head. I knew he was here to pick me up so that everyone of us can go out for dinner. I went to the bedroom, grabbed my brush and a hair tie. I brushed my wet, curly hair and put it up in a messy bun. "Ok, I'm all done."
   "Ok, everyone's waiting for you out in the lobby," he told me as he opened the door for me. I smiled at him and walked out of the room.

Chapter 4