+Chapter Six+

   I walked into the radio station building at 6:00am. I met up with a guy named Kris. He told me to go into a studio, which I did, and wait until Brad came in. Then the interview would start.
   I got in, and people set me up with head phones and told me what to do and what not to do. I followed instructions carefully and looked out the window at my manager John. I was nervous, but when he gave me the thumbs up sign I knew I would do good.
   It seemed like forever until Brad got in there. "Hello," he said, "my name is Brad. I'm the DJ and I will be interviewing you today."
   "Hello," I shook his hand, "I'm Gabriele."
   "We'll be on air in 5 seconds," they started to count down the seconds and then we came on. Brad opened up talking, "Hello, today is February twenty-fifth, I'm sitting here with a new pop princess, Gabriele Freidman. How are you today?" he looked over to me as he asked the question.
   "I'm great today," I said as I looked at him and smiled. I still was a little nervous, but as the interview went on I became more relaxed.
   About five minutes into the fifteen minute interview, we were going to start taking phone calls, "We're going to open the phone lines right after her song 'Revolution'. Start calling in if you would like to talk," he said as he turned on my song.
   The song ended and we answered a phone call. It was a little boy that sounded to be about 13, "Hello, my name is Todd," he said, "I was wondering, where did you come from?"
   "Me? I came from New Jersey," I said to him, "That's where I started all my gigs and was born."
   We took calls by the minute, until there was one that shocked me, "Hi, my name is Megan," she said to me, she sounded to be 15, "Are you dating Lance from *NSYNC, because you were at the People's Choice Awards with him a week ago."
   I was shocked at that. I just laughed and answered, "No, no. Lance and I are just friends. He brought me because he wanted to show me what award shows were going to be like, so when I get nominated and go. There's nothing going on at all," I got to thinking. What was with everyone telling us to stop flirting and all. Maybe he did have a crush on me? Maybe I had one on him? I just shook my head and knew that wasn't true. There's nothing going on at all.

Chapter 7