+Chapter Ten+

   "WOO HOO, tour is now over!" JC said excited. It was September 5, 2001, and they just finished their last concert. I was touring with them that year too. "That was one of the best tours ever!" JC said jumping around back stage.
   We were in Florida for the last tour date, and we were going to stay in Florida for two weeks after today. I was getting more and more popular by the day, but I was still going to tour with the guys next year.
   I hugged the guys as they came in, "HEY! We should go to a party on the beach today. I heard there's going to be one there," I suggested, since these guys loved to party and this was a good time to go to one.
   "That's a good idea," Justin said walking off to the men's' room.
   Everyone went to take showers. I went into the girls' room to take a shower and they went into the men's' room to take a shower. They were just like locker rooms, but smaller. There were about 3 showers and 3 lockers.
   I got out of the shower and looked through my bag for something to wear. I decided on navy blue pajama pants that had flames on the bottom of the legs and the top band, a navy blue tank top. I put my hair up in two messy buns, and I slipped on my Nikes. Then I walked out to see the guys sitting there.
   "All ready," Justin said standing up and looking at me.
   "Sure am," I said as we walked out of the venue and to the car. Me having my drivers permit, I got in the car and drove us down with no problems.

Chapter 11