+Chapter Fifteen+

   "It's Christmas, oh yes, it's Christmas time. Only three more days till Christ's Birthday," Joey sang as we walked out of the recording studio. They invited me to watch them record their fourth album. Lance was up and doing well, all the way back to his normal self.
   I just got my drivers license. I bought a red Eclipse about a month after getting my license. I took the keys for my car out of my purse, "I'll see you guys next year in 2002 I guess," I said to them walking to my car.
   "You defiantly will, and we'll be just as annoying to you," JC said as he came over to me and messed my hair up.
   "Thanks JC," I said as I turned around and unlocked my car. Hopping in, I started my car, "anyone want a ride home? I'll drive you since I'm going to be driving up to New Jersey anyway."
   "Nope, no one needs a ride," Joey told me, "We're all going in the same car since we're close to each other. Lance is going to fly home though." They all hopped in to one car and started off to the airport to drop Lance off.
   I pulled out of the parking lot and started my drive up to New Jersey from Florida. It didn't bother me, because I liked driving and I liked being in the car for a long time.
   I was driving for about twelve hours listening to the radio. An old *NSYNC song, "This I Promise You" came on the radio. I shook my head, smiled, and thought to myself, 'I sure am going to miss those guys while I'm at home.' I drove off as the sun was rising in the eastern sky. The sky was a beautiful color of pink, blue, and yellow.
   I smiled to myself as I remembered how the guys and I used to watch the sun rise almost every day. We always were up before the sun came up, because we always had to get ready for interviews or recording, there was always something. We would just sit on the steps of hotels, or on the grass and watch the sun rise. We talked about family, friends, how our day was going to go, just anything as we watched. It seemed to calm us all and was a simple little thing that made us all happy.

Chapter 16