Chapter 1

    "Thank you Jc," Kaylyn said as she turned to face the man who she had just spent the evening with. "I had a lot of fun tonight."
    "Your welcome," Jc Chasez replied as he flashed her a grin. He was glad that he had gotten this time off to take Kaylyn out. Him being 1/5 of the popular music group Nsync often kept his schedule very busy. He hadn't know Kaylyn for more then a year and a half, but the bond he felt with her since their meeting was amazing, and though at first he had thought that bond was one of friendship, lately he could feel that that bond was something more. For weeks he had been debating with himself whether to tell her how he felt or not, but he had been afraid of rejection. Then that night he had gotten the chance to take Kaylyn out to the fair the was in town for the next few days and, after their near kiss on the Ferris Wheel, he decided that he would tell her tomorrow... after a drive to the beach.
   "Anything to make a lady smile."
    The butterflies that always seemed to gather in Kaylyn's stomach when she was around Jc began to flutter. She was glad that it was dark enough that he couldn't see the blush that covered her cheeks.
    "Well thank you just the same."
    "Your welcome." He repeated.
    "Well...umm... it's late and I'm sure your probably going to be busy tomorrow. " Kaylyn stated after a
few moments of silence. Jc nodded.
    "Kaylyn... there's been something that I've been meaning to tell you, but not now. Would you like to go out with me again tomorrow?"
    Kaylyn wanted to immediately shout out 'YES!' in happiness, but instead she seemed to consider it for a moment, enjoying the anxious look the passed over Jc's handsome face.
    "Hmmm.... I could either spend another day with you or...." she paused, "do my laundry." She then taped her finger on her chin as if deep in thought. Jc chuckled.
    "Pick you up at 5?" he asked. Kaylyn nodded, a smile stretching her face from ear to ear. "Good. Then I'll see you tomorrow."
    "Good." Kaylyn responded as another silence closed around them.
    "Then I guess this is goodnight." Jc stuck his hands in his pockets.
    "Yup, you would be guessing correctly." Kaylyn answered sadly. The wonderful evening had come to a close, and she couldn't help but hope that he would kiss her as she had been dreaming he would for the past few weeks. She had no idea where these new feelings had come from, but they were there none the less. Kaylyn looked everywhere but at Jc as the hope that he would kiss her ran through her head. She knew that if she looked at him, she would kiss him herself and she wasn't sure that he wanted the same thing. Jc watched as Kaylyn's eyes avoided him and he had to smile.
    "Kaylyn." his voice was soft and she turned her head towards his voice. His cobalt blue eyes met hers and she felt as if her breath had been knocked out of her body. He leaned closer to her and her eyes fluttered closed as his lips met her in a single kiss. Slowly he pulled away.
    "Goodnight Kaylyn."
    "Yeah, goodnight." She replied as she brought a hand to her lips to touch where his lips had just been.
She snapped out of it just in time to watch as his car pulled out of the driveway. She smiled and waved as she watched his car drive off down the road, wondering what it was tomorrow was going to bring.

Chapter 2