Lance interview

Questions in red and answers in blue.


TEEN: You guys had your readings done for our cover story. Do you believe in psychics?

Lance: Not really. I think it's fun to do readings and that kinda stuff and to actually read your horoscope, because you can read it and maybe if you think that way it can come true. It gives you a direction. I love reading my horoscope and seeing it it'll come true.

TEEN: So you'd never had anything like this done before?

Lance: Nope. I've always wanted to though.

TEEN: If you could have had her answer one question, what would it have been and why do you want the answer?

Lance: I want to know when I'm going to get married.

TEEN: Why do you want to know that?

Lance: I'd like to know when I'm going to get married so I start looking around that time. (laughs)

TEEN: How long do you think you'll remain single?

Lance: Probably another couple of years, at least.

TEEN: You're only 20!! Would really you get married this young?

Lance: I see it for myself when I'm older, maybe late 20s. I probably would be married in my early 20s if I wasn't in 'N SYNC.

TEEN: If you could write your own script for the ideal wife and family, what would it be?

Lance: I don't want anybody in "the business." I just want someone I can have fun with, someone I can laugh with and I see myself having 2 kids--a boy and a girl.

TEEN: Any names you're partial to for your kids?

Lance: Not really. I've always liked interesting names, like Xander. I like that for a boy.

TEEN: Like on "Buffy!" So, 'fess up, are you dating anyone right now?

Lance: No, not right now. The last girlfriend I had ended last summer. There's no way I could have a relationship as busy as we are. I tried it, it lasted about 9 months.

TEEN: Did it end because of how busy you are with the band?

Lance: Yeah, she was understanding, and she understood because she was in the business too, but she was so busy and I was so busy that we hardly ever saw each other. I mean, we saw each other maybe twice a month. You just can't have a relationship like that.

TEEN: Do you think you're a good boyfriend?

Lance: I'm southern, so, you know, I'm a gentleman. I open doors, I pay for everything. I think I'm an understanding boyfriend -- I want her to be happy.

TEEN: So, you're all about putting other people first?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely.

TEEN: What's something about you in "boyfriend mode" that you think would surprise people?

Lance: I love cooking'. [I love to do something] surprising like cook her dinner at night. I like really quiet dates. Just me and her, not around lots of people. I love interesting thing like horseback riding, just us two, going to the beach or staying in renting videos. Real quiet.

TEEN: What kind of girl do you think you're compatible with?

Lance: I like an innocent type girl. Someone who has a big innocence about her. She has to be sweet, not outspoken, no one that's crazy or a loud-mouth. Someone that can baby me. I think everyone wants that.

TEEN: So, you don't like...

Lance: I don't like egotistical girls. I like a girl that keeps herself up and cares what she looks like, but doesn't take it too far. I don't like anyone that's too much into themselves.

TEEN: What's the best way for a girl to approach you?

Lance: I like someone that I get to know first. We have to be friends first. I've never been in a relationship where I just meet a girl and that's it. I've always known them for at least two months.

TEEN: Ever dated a fan?

Lance: Sure.

TEEN: Lots of people will be happy to know that! How do you foresee your career in 2000?

Lance: I think this is going to be our biggest year. This album is definitely going to be the biggest album - it's really good, and we're doing a worldwide release so we're going to be just so busy, going overseas. This year's going to kick our butt! (laughs) and I see us doing a movie at the end of the year. All of us together. I think it's going to be a huge year.

TEEN: Plus, on top of it all you've got "Free Lance" entertainment! Tell me about it.

Lance: It's a management company. Right now I have two artists--Jack Defayo and Meredith Edwards. They're country crossovers, kind of like Shania. Meredith just finalized her contracts with Mercury Nashville.

TEEN: What are your predictions for them?

Lance: I see Meredith as the next Leann Rimes. She's already got such a huge fan base and she hasn't even done anything yet. I mean she's recorded 3 songs. She's starting her album next month, and hopefully it'll be finished by the summer and hopefully be released before the end o the year or the beginning of next year.

TEEN: Is this something you want to do more of in the future?

Lance: I love helping people out and if I can get people record deals and let it go after that, that would be fine with me. Because I know I'm not going to have enough time to have several artists.

TEEN: Where do you see 'N SYNC's sound going in the future?

Lance: It's going to still be pop. But, like with this next album, it's more edgy pop. We went more with a rock edge. If anything, it would go more rock.

TEEN: Anything else about the future of the band?

Lance: I definitely see 'N SYNC together for a long time, but I also see different projects going on within the career of the band. J.C. might go do his own movie or his own solo album, Justin or J.C.

TEEN: What about you?

Lance: Nah, I could never do it. I don't think I could do a solo album. Whatever any of the other guys do, we're going to be involved with. We'll write and produce some of the songs. We've always wanted to do a movie together, so we're all going to be supportive of each other.

TEEN: That's so great! Do you see the group still dancing and singing together when you're 35?

Lance: There'd be less dancing, but I see us still being together, maybe not as strong as us touring every year and making albums every year when we're 35, but I still see us coming together every once in a while and doing it for fun.

TEEN: Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Lance: I want to have somebody in my life, hopefully be married. I want 'N SYNC to still be going strong -- I mean, if the Rolling Stones can do it, we can do it. I hope everyone is happy and set for life. I just want to be comfortable. I don't want to worry in the future about my kids, I'm being very smart with my money.

TEEN: How will you challenge yourself creatively in the future?

Lance: With writing, definitely writing. That's one thing I'm interested in.

TEEN: Have you done any so far?

Lance:Yep. I've written 3 songs.

TEEN: Are they going to be on "No Strings Attached?

Lance: No, they're gonna be on the next album. It was too late to put them on this one.

My biggest challenge is that I want to do some acting. I'd like to do drama. I just did [an episode of] "7th Heaven," and I'm going to do 2 more episodes of it this year, and hopefully I can do maybe more of that next year. I love any kind of acting, and I'd love to be in a movie. That's why I want to do this movie with the other guys so badly. We've been talking to Tom Hanks for a year. I wanted it to be a musical, but it's not going to be that way, it's going to be us 5 guys as the main characters and it's not going to have anything to do with 'N SYNC, it's going to be a real movie.

TEEN: I'm sure it'd do insanely well at the box office. OK, switching gears to the things people always want to know...What's been your most embarrassing moment?

Lance: We did this awards show in Germany once. They rounded up all the artists in the backstage area because we were going to go out for the finale. I was the first person on the steps, and they were like "go go go!" So I come running out on stage, but what I didn't know is that there was still another act to perform [before we were supposed to be on ] So I was out on stage with a girl called Bloomschen and she had like 20 dancers. They had been telling me to go thinking I was one of her people. They were all dressed in bright orange and I was in black and white patent leather so I totally stood out. The audience laughed. I turned back. That was pretty embarrassing.

TEEN: How do you spend your money?

Lance: I just like the basic stuff. I just got a house in Mississippi. I've maybe spent a week there. I love it -- it's everything I wanted in a house. It's a year old but I totally remodeled it. I knocked down walls, added different rooms, and in the back I built a lake so I can jet ski. I have two SeaDoos. That's my home. I love it. I'm now putting gates up because I get so many people coming up to the house. They knew that was my house when it was being remodeled and I hadn't even stepped foot in the house yet and people were going up to the door and leaving stuff.

I like weird art, just stupid stuff. I have a Dr. Seuss room. I've bought a bunch of his paintings -- like 3 of them. And, my favorite thing about the house is a pinball machine. It's "Star Wars" and it's virtual reality pinball. You'd have to see it, it's amazing.

TEEN: And, finally, the old stand by question...What's in your fridge?

Lance: Right now, there's everything. There's about 20 bottles of water, I have lots of stuff because I'm cooking Tuesday. I have burgers, already pre-made, I already did them, hotdogs, sausage. I'm making greenbean casserole and there's this dessert I make called Chocolate Dream. It's so good... It's chocolate pudding and the bottom is a buttery pecan crust. I make it myself and there's a layer of Cool Whip grated Hershey's chocolate on top.