Last updated: 7/27/01

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My steps have held fast to your paths; my feet have not slipped (Psalms 17:05)

If you ever meet *NSYNC and they're not that friendly to you, just remember: Even in laughter the heart is sad, and the end of joy is grief (Proverbs 14:13). Not everyone is happy 24/7, and they are human so they could be having a bad or even terrible day. To those people that are made fun of for liking *NSYNC: Fools show their anger at once, but the prudent ignore an insult. (Proverbs 12:16). Remember, it's your choice to like *NSYNC. If people make fun of you for it, and you just blow them off ignoring them, then that's even more power to you for not telling them off and/or beating them up.



+"For all those HATERS--where are YOUR 2.4 million copies sold in one week?"+


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